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October Newsletter


The autumn season is book-ended by themes of loss and thanksgiving. Nature has transitioned from the vibrancy of summer heat to the mellowing of shortening days. Storms have heralded (slightly) cooler temperatures and wind chimes are now catching more than the occasional breeze.

In many faith traditions, “All Soul’s Day” marks the loss and celebration of loved ones. The world at present continues to suffer the loss of many during this grueling pandemic. I sadly said good-bye, remotely, to my own mother during the lock-down period. But grief segued into gratitude for the wonderful human being and mother she was, for the gift of life and nurturing she bestowed.

This gratitude and thanksgiving mark this time as well. We gather in reality or spirit with our loved ones and friends to acknowledge the many blessings in our lives: the food we eat, our sheltering homes, our protective and giving family and friends.

I have much to be grateful for. I live in the most beautiful place on earth, supported and cared for by gentle people. Among these people have been the amazing staff at my shop, a more giving group would be hard to find.

Belinda Darrell has been among these ladies- a positive, encouraging presence. She leaves us now to grace the lives of the little ones who will be in her charge at Little Seeds Nursery school. It has been her passion and ambition to work with the young and we wish her well. We hope to see her occasionally at the store in the future.

I am grateful, also, for the continued support of our loyal customers and hope the Island Shop continues, in turn, to enhance your lives in some small way.

Please pop in to enjoy the lovely autumnal tabletops curated by Brianna and Lynn. I have created some small paintings that may amuse or delight. Perhaps pick up a pumpkin or Frasier Fir candle to light with thanksgiving!


Original painting by Barbara Finsness – $85


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Autumnal tabletops