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6 Easy Tropical Home Décor Ideas to Enhance Any Space

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Ah, Bermuda—a semi-tropical paradise that inspires love in the hearts of anyone lucky enough to visit. Of course, our artist Barbara Finsness and her family are incredibly blessed to call this petite-but-magical island home.

Even if you’ve never had the privilege of seeing our pristine Bermudian beaches and lush gardens for yourself, you can bring the breezy style of the island to your home—no matter where in the world you live!

When you want to create calming, comfortable spaces, simply look to The Island Shop for inspiration to evoke the look and feel of Bermuda. Here are six suggestions to get you started.


Maximize Natural Light Exposure

yellow and white striped awning

While the classic Bermuda cottages—often painted in pastel colors that complement or visually set them apart from the blues of the ocean and sky—have small windows and thick walls that protect against hurricane damage, these homes also feature gracious porches and verandahs where residents like to relax. These comfortable transitional spaces are bathed in natural light, though offer a shady retreat from the radiant sun.

While not everyone “off-island” is fortunate enough to have a porch space, you can still bring the bright airiness of these areas into your home by letting the light in from windows throughout the house.

Choose minimalist draperies that do not obstruct your views. Or, consider replacing blinds with plantation shutters that can be easily opened to invite the light in, but closed when privacy is needed.

Choose Natural Wallpapers or Island-Inspired Paint Colors

wall painted with fern leavesAs mentioned, pastels are popular as exterior paint colors in Bermuda—the historic Customs House in Hamilton is pink, for instance! Crisp whites for interiors are also the norm. Depending on your preferences, you might try light blues, cheerful pale yellows, or yes—even pink! The much-discussed “Millennial Pink” is a hue that’s certainly island-inspired!

At the same time, island living is very much about being close to nature, and wall coverings that incorporate natural fibers can offer a sophisticated nod to the Bermuda lifestyle. Try woven or textured wallpapers that use materials like grasscloth, jute, or sisal. Or, if you’re bolder, create an accent wall with graphical palm frond-printed paper!

Incorporate Tropical Art Prints

One of the easiest ways to add some island flair to your home is to hang art prints of scenes from Bermuda or use other décor accents—like throw pillows, table runners, and more—to more overtly express your love. Browse all of our artful collections to find the perfect designs.

Embrace Bermuda Blue Accents

Bermuda is a land of cool, dramatic blues. The ocean all around our island oasis is a sparkling, vibrant shade of turquoise that’s totally unique. And it meets clear blue skies above in a way that calms the soul. Bringing bright blues into your space to accent the pastels, whites, and natural fibers you’ve previously integrated within your design scheme will tie your tropical look together.

tropical pillowsAdopt Some Tropical Foliage Plants

We touched on the suggestion of adding graphical wallpapers picturing tropical botanicals in your home, but what about bringing home some living plants?

Palms and the beautiful Monstera deliciosa are easy-care houseplants for those with green thumbs. Or, simply purchase some cut palm leaves and tropical flowers to create a luscious arrangement—no green thumb needed!

Set Your Table with Island-Themed Dinnerware

Medley serving platter
There is nothing quite like a tea or dinner party served on lovely island-themed plates with glassware and accessories to match!

If you truly want to experience being transported to Bermuda without leaving the comfort of home, we suggest giving your serving and kitchenwares a makeover first!Looking for Original, Bermuda-inspired Designs?

The Island Shop ships everywhere in the world! If you can’t join us in Bermuda to shop in person, we invite you to browse our online inventory now. And be sure to drop us a line with any questions!