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September Newsletter

For almost 2 months I have been leading an isolated life with my daughter Mia. I have been happy for her company. My impulse during such an anxious time has not been to develop butteries or anything of a whimsical nature. Perhaps in brighter days I will revert to that and my existing products will certainly add a bit of color, a pick me up to anyone feeling a bit down.

Rather, I have spent these last few weeks reading inspirational literature, anything to nurture the soul. Sharing quotes with my followers on Facebook, saving images from old magazines, trying out new recipes from the internet. My garden and terra cotta pots have been receiving extra attention as well and it certainly shows. It is amazing what some pruning and extra watering will accomplish. I’ve also been collecting seeds and small cuttings during my early evening walks with my daughter and exploring our neighborhood within the half mile radius. Everywhere here is teeming with wildlife of course but I only see a few well tended vegetable or flower gardens. I include my garden in this critique and I am going to endeavor to have a bit more of a vegetable patch, no matter how small. I’ve started with some herbs and lettuces, cherry tomatoes planted outside my kitchen door. I used some fresh tarragon in a sauce for my chicken last Tuesday night, the cilantro and parsley, basil and dill have been out to good use as well.

I’ve noticed one of my cedar trees full of berries and have read a recent article in the RG magazine referring to the strength and resiliency of our national tree. When I get back to my drawing board and start painting again I think I will start with an image of a cedar branch. Bursting forth with new life and potential, standing strong no matter the circumstance.

That resilience will take on more meaning for all of us now , perhaps the image (for a new collection ?) to end this year.