America's Cup Large Rectangle Platter - Special Order

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America's Cup Large Rectangle Platter

21" x 12"


Item available for special orders only. Platters will arrive in Bermuda 3 months from time of order where we will then contact you to arrange shipping. If you have any questions please contact us via email: or by phone: 441-238-5999.


Shipping Costs:

USA: $150

Canada and UK: $165


The America's Cup is awarded to the winner of sailing's most prestigious race and is a test of both sailing skill and boat design. Affectionately known as "Auld Mug", the ornate silver trophy was crafted in 1848 by Garrard & Co. and its grand and intricate design reflects the history and prestige of the event. It is named after the first yacht to win the event in 1851 in a race around the Isle of Wight and it is the oldest and most coveted trophy in international sport.

The way in which the trophy reflects its surroundings inspired me to depict it reflecting Bermuda's warm embrace of the event to be held in 2017. At the heart of the trophy stands the welcoming door of each Bermuda home, under the protection of a Bermuda moon gate. Bermuda’s colourful sea, sky and landscapes are also reflected and will, no doubt, leave indelible impressions upon participants and spectators alike. 

I enjoyed painting this whimsical design and wish my best to all of the participants,

Barbara Finsness